Karl Sanders – Saurian Apocalypse (2022)

🇺🇸 Here is the third part of the epic by Karl Sanders. It was released this fall, after more than 13 years from the of the previous chapter’s release. Now the maestro finally unveils the Apocalypse.

The author’s main project is Nile. Crossing old school death metal with ancient Egyptian mythology is a strange and unusual idea, warmly received by metal lovers.

Once Karl got bored with success at the heavy domain, he decided to switch to something else. In his solo project, Sanders turns to the mysticism not only form Ancient Egypt, but also Eastern (Arabic, Indian, Tibetan). The legends of fictional worlds are involved as well.

On the album, a combination of strings (guitar, baglama, saz) with a variety of percussion (including darbuka, gongs, Egyptian sistrum) presents, enhanced by the author’s arrangements. Vocal parts also appear, designed to convey the atmosphere of other universes. Moving through the labyrinths of this album, you can enjoy the legacy of heavy metal to its fullest, with its seemingly complete absence. On the other hand, there is some special, say post-world music here.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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