Tribal Mystic. 5 albums to hypnotize you

Come closer to the campfire. Image by artgiagzhel

Here are five selected acts delivering you to the wilds, pagan tribes and Buddhist camps in the same time. Split your identity and arrive at this places simultaneously.

1. Paleowolf – Primordial II (2020)

🇷🇸 We start our trip somewhere in Belgrade, Serbia. Spirit of the Balkans is joined by something otherworldly, transcendental and breathtaking.

Get the sensation of prehistoric coming straight to the digital era… and your heart. Enter the Homeworld and question yourself. Who are we and where are we heading to while the planet is spinning and the stars are shinning above our heads.

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2. Mrtvesvit – Torum (2020)

🇷🇺 Welcome to deep dark forests stretching all along the Ural mountains. Here, the shadows dance in the wind. Close to us, wild animals freeze up while the shaman starts his perfomance.

The Mrtvesvit project’s current album, “Torum”, absorbs ancient Mansi legends, texts and chants. hypnotizing and stunning experience right in front of your puny body and weary soul. Heal yourself by taking part in these rituals.

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3. Kasa de Orates & Sigil of Time – Travelling Through the invisible Mirrors (2020)

🇨🇱 Now, we fly to another side of the globe. Kasa de Orates & Sigil of Time by Chilean sound designer Manuel Knwell is devoted to the epochs of great civilizations, Nature, and modern experimental music.

Inspired by the art of Tarkovsky, Arvo Pärt and Sofia Gubaidulina, Manuel expands the individual electronic and acoustic instruments in order to create soundscapes which dissolve the distances between continents and cultures.

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4. Undirheimar – Heljarrúnar (2020)

🇨🇦 Suddenly found ourselves in Canada. Undirheimar shares Thursian wisdom and experience with us, simple inhabitants.

Intimate beats and impulses, stunning throat singing and infinite perspective blossoming inside the compositions. “Heljarrúnar” opens the gates to the inner world which seems so familiar. Perhaps it has been real all the time we spent for our routine.

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5. Naakhum – Cathalunya Ancestral (2020)

🇪🇸 Our last artist, Naakhum comes from Spain, namely, from Barcelona (Catalonia). Not surprisingly, this album is dedicated to his homeland and its heritage. The album represents the reflections of old times embodied in contemporary arrangements.

Charming voice comes from the dark and stays with a listener for a while, inviting the instruments sound even more resonating. Whispers and declamations will bring you to Cathalunya in a minute.

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