Mummin Kullat – Juhlat (2022)

🇫🇮 Today we are tasting extravagant blend of Finnish indie folk with something pop and even punkish. That’s Mummin Kullat and their brand new album.

Here in the Selected Goosebumps blog, not so often we are dealing with the music with strong accent on the vocals. This time, it’s a nice exception, as it comes to Mummin Kullat.

The band was founded in Turku in the year 2015. Its name translates as “Grandma’s Darlings”, perhaps, standing for some kind of a heritage, or a tradition.

Three ladies form Mummin Kullat, Veera Järveläinen, Iida Tallqvist, Mirja Hanikka. All three of them do singing and the voices complement each other to form special polyphony. Among the instruments, classic ones (clarinet and cello) meet vintage or weird ones like toy-synths.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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