Mergen – Tales of Mergen (2020)

🇰🇿 Eleven stories, all having deep sense and varied backgrounds, collected by a talented author and told to us, grateful listeners. Come closer and join the circle, the уму is going to be magical!

Akmaral Zykayeva, better known as Mergen, is unique modern artist from Kazakhstan. She perfectly blends traditions with modern trends, letting pure feminine powers unite with the roots, reveries and fortitude.

This album is very special in each possible sense. First, it starts from the end (the first track’s title is “Game Over”). Then, you’ll have plenty of tragic fragments, all coated by life-affirming vocals by Mergen and touching sound of her violin. Finally, this contrast is multiplied by the variety of hints used in arrangements.

For instance, check “For Alice” and “Radiant”, such a brilliant pieces with the voice outpacing the strings, literally bringing the melody to the space. Who knows, perhaps Akmaral is the first Kazakh musical astronaut? I would say so.

instagram: mergenmusic | facebook: mergenmusic

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