Teemu Raudaskoski – Valoääni (2018)


🇫🇮 Valoääni is originated by Finnish artist Teemu Raudaskoski and means “light-and-music”. It seems he creates his compositions by mixing air with light and imagination.


In Teemu’s music you’ll find a variety of arrangements, accurate beats and nice wind instruments. Interestingly enough, charango (which comes from the Andes) is often in the first place and sometimes other strings appear. And, of course, you’ll get Finnish lyrics: in some tracks like “Ylhäiset” it’s like a chant while others have just a couple of sophisticated Finnish words…

Unfortunately, there are not so many videos by Teemu for a moment. In case you’re interested in charango (to me, it’s something sounding similar to Russian balalaika) you should watch his ancient episode in the woods. He also has a pretty weird music video Kuikantanssi for one of the album’s songs.

I hope one day we’ll enjoy a good movie from a live concert where Teemu combines music with visual effects.

facebook page: Teemu Raudaskoski

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