Three Pandas and The Moon – Space Like Jam (2014)


🇷🇺 Nice music for relaxation and reflecting about life: handpan lets us get calm and and contemplative.

Three Pandas and The Moon is a project launched by Pasha Aeon who is a master of percussion jamming all the day long, I guess. Pasha’s compositions are made by handpans of wide variety, cajon, djembe and also flute, balalaika, bass, sometimes piano and other instruments.

Here oriental melodies are born in metal and minimalistic sound reaches ears immediately. The silence of the moment is everywhere (no wonder I could not find Pasha’s voice on any of his videos) and handpan just increases this discovery.

“Space Like Jam” has its own atmosphere as it was created through free improvisation at the recording sessions. Altough this album is a rather rare phenomenon (as all Pasha’s releases), it worths a listen and not a single one.

facebook page: Pasha Aeon

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3 thoughts on “Three Pandas and The Moon – Space Like Jam (2014)

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