Chmura – Owczy pęd (2017)


Polish band cHMURa performs bright and throbbing rock, still fresh in our days. Heavy enough, it makes a pleasant although depending on the mood impression.

It seems I’ve already encountered such a thing before… and I prefer to consider this fact more a sign of good style rather than unoriginality.

I feel that the guys write the band’s name with capital letters inside on purpose: cHMURa. Like they are inside the cloud. By the way. it would be “cLOUDs” in English which is also symbolic: cHMURa are pretty loud!

My favorit song is “Po drugiej stronie lustra” (“On the other side of the mirror”) with it’s captivating melody. However, most are on the good level too, sometimes allowing to cath some goosebumps.

facebook page: cHMURa

You may also be inspired by: KrztaEl Club Del Infinito; Neutral Noise.

4 thoughts on “Chmura – Owczy pęd (2017)

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