Four Picks: 4 Dimensions of Calm

In today’s world, the calmness is something more precious than gold. Our heroes not only share their tranquillity but do it for free. Why not to take such a gift?

1. Jon Brændsgaard Toft – Brick By Brick (2023)

🇩🇰 The first cluster of calmness is found in Aarhus, Denmark. Here, Jon the musical stonemason mines this precious resource and generously shares it with us. Brick by brick, the abode is being built, with the help of melodies which cement odd time signatures not that familiar to our ears. In the attic of this building, you are going to find a new sense of purpose and eventually the good mood that Jon has left there personally for you.

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2. Agosta – Agosta (2022)

🇮🇹 The second act for our episode comes from the opposite European shore, namely, Sicilian one. Roberto Agosta’s eponymous release contains a dozen of upbeat compositions. Each of them is rich in embacing atmosphere with the broad influences from good old rock, ambient, trip-hop and a pinch of the DJ’s tricks. Nice recipe for a continuous calm.

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3. Qandil – Dated Songs from Way Back When (2023)

🇱🇧 We are flying over to Beirut and to find a peculiar album. Its author Tarek Kandil is a local musician and designer. It is unlikely that you will be able to find information about both the project and the release. Therefore, we will simply listen and catch the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Arabic breaths in the soft electronic music by Qandil.

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4. Kalabrese – Let Love Rumpel – Part 1 (2021)

🇨🇭 Sacha Winkler, better known as Kalabrese, is the Zürich based visionary who has been creating constellations of delicious images and forms. Last year, two episodes of the Let Love Rumpel dilogy were released. The first part appears to be my favorite and you can select yours as well.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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