Four Picks: 4 Images of the Future

This selection of four albums is totally coming out of the blue. Nothing in common, at first glance. Wait a minute, all four are about anticipation of something which is close to come true.

1. The Wicker Man – From the Depth of October (2022)

🇺🇦 Pretty fresh stuff from the Wicker Man band! It seems these guys have found their own approach to the neoclassical domain. Hence the compositions keep strict style while sounding originally and eclectic.

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2. Am Mut – In Ictu Oculi Finis Gloriae Mundi (2022)

🇭🇺 This is an album from one-man band driven by Ruben Perez, who currently resides in Hungary. The matter happens to be vivid prog with jazz and classical rock influences. Five solid compositions with a strong flavor will turn on your imagination and lead to the joy.

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3. Purbayan Chatterjee and Rakesh Chaurasia – Saath Saath (2022)

🇮🇳 Fast forward to the East to surf through the classical Indian music retained and treated by the maestros. The duo joined by two masters of tabla present a precious album for anyone in the universe.

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4. The Rave Tapes – Infernorama (2019)

🇵🇭 Further towards the sunrise, we’ll find an interesting band from Manila, The Rave Tapes. Their music sways from sophisticated post-rock to massive mathy noise rock and all the way back. Nice vocals contrast the distortion and sticky riffs.

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