Spiritczualic Enhancement Center – Transporting Salt (2022)

🇩🇪 I have something to propose for today’s trip. It’s an album that easily slips out of mental hands which try to catch it and link it to something.

This story was launched several years ago, when the project’s participants got to know each other. From that point is has been rushing into the cosmic future.

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center is an enigmatic multinational band that describes their work as “trance-jazz with punk-psychedelic methodology”. However, each of the components is unlikely to find as it is. Everything is, say, cooked in the same broth, and the listener gets such a blend without division into fractions.

These compositions are following each other. On the one hand, they contrast, and on the other hand, continue the narrative.

It is best to immerse yourself into the music entirely, without ulterior thoughts and intentions, in search of something new that comes by itself and becomes part of the whole.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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