TootArd – Laissez Passer (2017)


🇸🇾 Our musical caravan is reaching Syrian desert where we meet TootArd with eclectic album called “Laissez Passer”.


It’s a very interesting music with several massive roots. Firstly, it comes from the middle of Eurasian continent where the pathways have been crossing for thousands of years and also wars and dishonesty occurred. Then, it has Middle-Eastern flavor and tuaregs’ culture influences. And also we hear juicy electric guitar and bass along with saxophone.

Each song is a manifesto for equality, freedom and its restriction, and a right to exist and express oneself. Brothers Rami and Hasan Nakhleh sing about what is being stateless artist: what if your country is everywhere and nowhere in the same time. You have no passport but have a strong feeling of citizenship deeply inside.

Looking back to previous album back in 2011, recent version of TootArd appears to be more authentic and concentrated. Less reggae, more blues and folk themes. To me, it’s way more solid and ripe.

facebook page: TootArd

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