Hang Massive – As It Is (2014)

a3778901874_16It’s hang music as it is: nothing redundant. Just perfect music pieces full of feelings, often melancholic and dreamy in one time.

Hang Massive is collaboration of Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat coming from Bristol, UK. They perform own compositions on hangs – metal steel percussion instruments which have recently reached huge popularity. Danny and Markus travel with nice shows; their videos recieve a lot af attention (Once Again gained 30m views so far).

It’s all wordless but with a stories in a background. Something once-vibrant, staying in one’s mind for yers after being heard. With a portion of good goosebumps, isn’t it?

facebook: Hang Massive

You may also be inspired byBei Bei & Shawn Lee; Hauschka; Stafraenn Hakon.

4 thoughts on “Hang Massive – As It Is (2014)

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