Jakob – Solace (Remastered) – 2017

a2197157958_16Jakob is a trio inventing and performing music in unique way.  It may be similar to a silent movie, or a life retrospective motion.

These “Pioneers of post-rock” hailing from New Zealand have been always aside from the mainstream. 

“Solace” may be concedered a centerpiece of their art. In 2017, remastered version appeared while the original release was made back in 2009. However, it is still modern and everlasting. Within you’ll find an ocean of melancholy and hope, joy and light from  above. Interestingly enough, “Solace” proves that there is no strict border between these states of mind and innerself, although we tend to feel some “apparent” differences.

The journey starts on the fingertips of Jakob’s guitar Jeff Boyle and continues somewhere in the outerspace.

facebook: Jakob’s page

You may also be inspired by: Moonlit Sailor; Kerretta; Maserati.

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