Trilobeat – Extinction Horizon (2022)

🇸🇰 Meet the Trilobeat band, the young team from Slovakia with their second full-length album which was released last year.

The group’s name refers both to archeology (“Trilobita”) and to “beats” from the world of music. However, It is unlikely that extinct animals composed or listened to the music of this kind.

What Trilobeat creates is simply pleasant to listen to without thinking about where exactly their ideas come from. You’ll find their music rooted in jazz, rock, alternative and related styles.

Compared to the earlier material, “Extinction Horizon” is characterized by more diverse sound. It is slightly heavier sometimes, followed by uninhibited improvisations. Adding some portions of noise and field recordings, the guys marked the way of evolution. While recording, the four permanent members of the project were joined by the guests, including eminent ones. Among them are keyboardist Adam Holtzman and guitarist David Kollar. Their parts added juiciness to these diverse compositions.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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