Four Picks: 4 Kaleidoscopic Albums

New episode comprises of four brilliant works which you can immediately dive into. Myriads of reflections will follow your trip.

1. Grombira – Lunar Dunes (2022)

🇩🇪 To me, this album didn’t seem German at all. The band’s name hints at something hot, Spanish, or something. Still having no idea what it means though. The project boldly crosses oriental music with space rock and applied electronics. In the middle of a rocky improvisation the sitar appears. After hypnotizing beats, it’s time for oud, zurna, and a dozen more chic instruments. The synths do not fall behind and the fusion-jazz bass rejoices with might and main. As you may understand, there is a whole universe here.

Listen to this album at the neighborhood: Carousel

2. Horse Lords – Comradely Objects (2022)

🇺🇸 The second album in this list is the one that I wanted to share for a long time. This Baltimore-based quartet generously supplies listeners with chic structures that continually transform as the action evolves. From a repetitive simple rhythm, the music progresses into spacious structures, where, instead of getting stuck, it returns to an impulsive sound. Here stereo effects cause a feeling of endless looping.

Listen to this album at the neighborhood: .mus

3. Fotbal – Why Is This Happening To You? (2023)

🇨🇿 The Czechs continue their journey and delight with fresh sonorous work. At first I came across their debut album, which I sincerely recommend to you as well. By the way, it was released just a month earlier. Here we meet Vencák who is familiar for us as we already caught the Sýček band into our net.

Listen to this album at the neighborhood: MUZLÖ

4. The Canyon Observer – Figura (2023)

🇸🇮 A worthy candidate for the Insanity of the Year nomination. It’s an opus that breaks down free jazz, prog rock, avant-garde and post-metal. The Slovenes involve all of this, and more. The term “cacophony” becomes narrow, like “natural numbers” for a student who has just learned to take the root of -1. The collective goes with a full force so that the goosebumps cannot be avoided.

Listen this album at the neighborhood: Decolonizing Music

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