Surfing through the desert. 5 hot rock albums

Captured by the heat and the mirages. Image by lunamontem

It’s a great day for travelling through natural landscape. Image we find ourselves somewhere in the endless desert, and here comes the bands for an exclusive gig.

1. Królestwo – Antracyt (2020)

🇵🇱 We start with the Polish band Królestwo and their deep grey Antracyt album. Created in experimental manner, with strong kraut patterns, deep sound and minimalistic design.

Multiple reflections, ostentatious waves and gradual dissolving of your mind. Go further and let your thoughts disappear, just feel the mighty guitar tones dancing with your fading inner self…

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2. Håla Duett – Rana EP (2019)

🇸🇪 🇫🇷 The desert stretches out between Paris and Göteborg, where Yann Joussein (drums) and Sheik Anorak (guitar & voice) are coming from. Together they create indeed minimalistic and extremely catchy desert rock.

A piece of Sahara in Europe, Håla Duett derives from traditional African music, Hausa language, Tuaregs’ culture and universal topics like freedom, liberty and equality. This is amplified by power rock which these guys share with a pure sincerity.

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3. Moussaka – Bil Bil (2020)

🇷🇸 In the middle of you way, we arrive at the beautiful country of Serbia. Here, Moussaka quartet invites us for a rock party full of bright colors and eclectic tunes.

With the help of two guitars, bass and the drums, the lads mix nice surf rock with the Balkan rhythms and passion. This spirit is everywhere in their pithy EP. As a bonus, the good mood is included.

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4. Backspace – Ants Corrupt Elephant | 群蟻蝕象 (2021)

🇨🇳 Not so often we get a good stuff from China. Please welcome Backspace, a bold band from Beijing. Currently, we have quite zoological album with a strange title, “Ants Corrupt Elephant”.

This zoo has aviaries and kennels for noise rock, some surf, indie punk, as well as classical rock’n’roll sounding in Chinese way. Meaning, music by Backspace is something extraordinary and worth immediate listen. So, click the play button right now!

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5. Foot – The Balance of Nature Shifted (2020)

🇦🇺 Our final destination is Australia this time. Here, in the city of Melbourne, the Foot band resides.

We are listening to their sophomore album with unambiguous cover and message. Technocratic areas pushing back the natural landscapes and cause multiple conflicts. Perhaps some great rock will help to realize this tragic scenario and overcome human made difficulties and mismatches.

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