Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pacifisticuffs (2017)


Well, it’s just appeared and grabbed a listener’s mind: fresh and unpredictable. Just listen to the whole album and feel yourself free to be overwhelmed.

Mixture of disturbed melodies, crushing riffs derived from metal, cabaret-resembling rhythms, something swingish and operatic vocals. In two words we can call it avant-garde metal and forget all descriptions.

This brand-new album of Swedish collective “Diablo Swing Orchestra” follows their own tradition to sway from one style to another without hesitation, this time accompanied by some pauses put inside just to let us exhale before the next wave of goosebumps appears.

I think the benchmark of Diablo Swing Orchestra is the way in which they prepare a listeners’ ears  by distracting them with bewitching atmosphere and then – bang! you got a jolt. What should you do witt all that stuff? Dance or go headbanging? Nothing you can. You exhale one more time and keep wondering.

Diablo Swing Orchestra: facebook page

You may also be inspired with: Stolen Babies; Alamaailman Vasarat; Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

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