Meniscus – Refractions (2017)


In my opinion, this album is for sure one of the best in 2017.

Australian band Menisus not so often records their works but they do invent masterpieces. For the moment I write these lines Refractions is the top one and each track is worthy of praise. The first, “Doom”, now associates with the band the most, when I think of Meniscus.

There are other experiments inside the album. For instance, with “Overhang”, the consiousness draws a large picture while “Head Rush” is like unraveling tangle… or raveling perhaps…

Each small droplet of the sound is on the place with this release. It’s a nickel job when the authors leave no room for criticizm and raesoning.

You may be also inspired by: Jakob, Tides From Nebula, Exxasens

2 thoughts on “Meniscus – Refractions (2017)

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