Kikagaku Moyo [幾何学模様] – Kumoyo Island (2022)

🇯🇵 It’s time to arrive at mysterious Kumoyo Island, guided by Japanese exquisite band, Kikagaku Moyo.

Up to the moment, Kikagaku Moyo have been somehow passing our radars. This time, it happened. Their fifth album apparently amuses the imagination.

It has its own atmosphere colored by different colors. Some are light and tender, like in “Meu Mar”, or “Daydream Soda”. Then, the band serves embarrassing pieces, for instance “Gomugomu”, and one of the best track out of the album, “Cardboard Pile”.

Sonorous guitars,mild bass, nice vocals, and unique sounding altogether. Electrified sitar, which appears from time to time, played not in a way it’s intended to, makes us smile. And the final thing, the album end in the same way as it starts, mysterious and simply amazing.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | apple | youtube | yandex

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