Цирковь | Churcus – Образ солнца | Image Of the Sun (EP) (2019)

🇷🇺 Chicken scratch handwriting is not misleading. We remain the children until the very end. Shelterless and lost ones.

Churcus is a project by Daria Viardo from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Sincere songs flaming out like the solar flares. Right from the heart, where humble beats are born. These beats resonate from the walls and trees growing nearby, from the road and from the small stones scattered everywhere.

This pulse is under the EP’s cover. The lyrics are controversial, as well as the world in which they have appeared. Enclosed space, and a suffering soul trying to escape. However, there is a bonus. That’s a smile on the singer’s face.

Цирковь: vkontakte page

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2 thoughts on “Цирковь | Churcus – Образ солнца | Image Of the Sun (EP) (2019)

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