Спираль Бруно | Bruno’s Spiral – Спираль Бруно| S/T (2020)

🇧🇾 We’re here out of harm’s way, but any of us might encounter evil doers on every street corner. That’s a message by Belorussian band Bruno’s Spiral.

I didn’t know what “Bruno’s Spiral” stands for. I would suppose it’s something from the Astronomy course or a tool to treat some type of trauma. However, this thing is against human and humanity, the razor wire.

So are the topics chosen by Bruno’s Spiral band. Injustice, aggression, violence, all that threatens vulnerable soul, coming into life in uniforms. Ongoing conflict between the society and the authorities.

The self-titled EP appears to be remarkably sincere and hard-driving. It’s like a wound over the whole body. I should mention that the record was done all live, making it so raw as well as straightforward.

vk page: spiralbruno

Get this album via bandcamp | apple.music | youtube.music | yandex.music

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2 thoughts on “Спираль Бруно | Bruno’s Spiral – Спираль Бруно| S/T (2020)

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