Крыпта | Krypta – Химерология | Chimerology (2020)

🇧🇾 Come to a strange place where the shadows hover you and play their intricate game.

Krypta is experimental musical project by Tima Chausov living in Belarus. Pastavy, his hometown, is a small settlement in the midst of the woods and the lakes. Pastavy, as well as the art of Meyrink and Machen, inspires the author a lot on his creative path.

“Chimerology” depicts a strange world, both natural (the wild forest, the pack of beasts), and somewhat artificial, industrial. The album is done in minimalist approach, using only Serum synthesizer and a couple of tools. This is important in order to value each single sound, when investigating conditions between a human and a beast, between wisdom and insanity,

Interestingly enough, Krypta segues from style to style, embodying his illumination in post-industrial, dungeon synth, and even black metal. To my mind, this release is the most meditative and catchy. That’s why it’s here at Selected Goosebumps.

vk page: kryptamuz

Get this album via bandcamp

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