Ж/д – Сладкий (2020)


🇷🇺 Scattered light. Rusty lamppost. Muffled clang. Where somewhere amidst. It is not clear what’s better, either to hide or to run.

Spontaneous fuss sand organized impulse. That’s what their music is made of. “ж/д” is an independent project from Moscow, Russia. The trio presents their second album, short but sharp.

Raw emotion, explicit manner and weird environment, even warped one. The one we live in. I like it when it goes along the brink of the music. Is it inside or outside, and who is able to answer the question?

My favorites are the first and the last pieces. There’s a room for pain and anger, loneliness, deafening and choke between them.

ж/д – vk page

Get this album via bandcamp | apple.music | yandex.music | google.play

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