Shock Troopers – Глуво Доба (2019)

a1144868492_16🇲🇰 For all hardcore lovers and the ones who heard something about it. Excellent album from the heart of the Balkans.

Shock Troopers hail from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Let me introduce these tough guys: Ivan Jovanov – vocals, Viktor Andonovski – guitar, Kiril Manchevski – guitar, Vladimir Petkovik – bass, and Dragan Teodosiev – drums.

The band has a long history since 2007. “Глуво Доба” is actually the second album by them. Eventually it reached my ears, and I am not disappointed. Most compositions are thoroughly built up according to the rule of slowed opening following by slamming culmination. It’s like to stand calmly first, and jump towards the abyss.

The lyrics are obviously explicit, touching the topics of confrontation, powers and weaknesses, despair and furies. Pithy, fast and straightforward. Добро направено!

facebook page: shocktroopersmkd

Get this album via bandcamp

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4 thoughts on “Shock Troopers – Глуво Доба (2019)

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