Больше Леса – Пространство между нами (2019)

a2978625560_16🇺🇦 Fluctuations are everywhere. Even if you stand quietly, there is eternal movement in the space, and it sounds.

Больше Леса (“More Forest“) is a musical project from Kiev, Ukraine which is run by two Denises and a beautiful lady Nadia. The guys share their feelings about the environment by letting it sound itself. It’s like you pass along the streets at twilight, and the midair is full of everlasting sound.

Opened shutters, broken windows, a rustle somewhere below… Sut that’s not about the habitants and their voices. The music of Больше Леса is rather out of buildings, passages and the waves between them. I’m not sure whether this sound is artificial or natural. However, it’s not that important when we wander each day.

The latest album “Пространство между нами” (The space between us”) is all about this sensation. It is between two (or maybe more?) movements of a pendulum. it goes back and forth, and there is a lifecycle between… between us.

facebook page: Bolshe.Lesa

Get this album via bandcamp

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2 thoughts on “Больше Леса – Пространство между нами (2019)

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