Mytishchi on Fire | Мытищи в огне – Espionage EP (2019)

a2750630075_16🇷🇺 Do you know where Mytishchi is located? I bet you don’t but it’s on fire: these guys burn. Really.

Short explicit thing from young Russian guys. Even if their compass is messed up, they know where to go. Regardless of genres and styles, the quartet makes fire out of guitars and drums.

Frankly, the first track on the EP delivers most goosebumps, and I like it best of all. It’s much more pleasant to hear Russian words coming together with that mighty beats. I’d also notice clear bass lines in the last piece, so eclectic.

Picking weird titles for their songs, Mytishchi on Fire has an explanation for that in one of the songs. It’s a call  like “down with the mind“. Sometimes it’s useful, and you should not control yourself when listening to the stuff like that!

facebook page: Mytishchi-on-Fire

Get this album via bandcamp

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