Грай – Пепел / Grai – Ashes (2017)


🇷🇺 Music of Grai sounds quite impressive: just imagine beautiful female chants, roaring guitars, subtle flute and brutal growls all in one.

Grai collective comes from glorious city of Kazan, Russian Federation. Two ladies and three young men follow ancient legends and traditional music with the help of metal set of instruments and energy of their spirits.

It’s not so often when metal stuff and folk music fit together without seeming worn out.  This is a good folk metal thing to me. The album is rich in curiosities: good headbanging for “The Well” (“Колодец“) is frankly the of opposite to epical “Fortress” (“Крепость”) or lyrical “Farewell” (“Прощание”).

And those of you who want to catch really massive goosebumps may check this video for “Darkness with me” (“Мгла со мной”) song. It’s all about the tragic moment of dying; I admit that the song, its lyrics and the video made by Natalia Drepina is all a perfect match. I bet it’s one of the goosebumpiest songs ever found by humble author of this blog….

facebbok page: GRAI.folkRussia

Get this album via bandcamp | apple.music | google.play

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