Inna Zhelannaya – Izvorot | Инна Желанная – Изворот (2014)


🇷🇺 Inna Zhelannaya travels deeply into ancient slavonic folk heritage and revives old songs by modern sounding and boosted arrangements.


Her ensemble consists of famous bassist Sergey Grebstel Kalatchev, drummer Dmitry Frolov and saxophonist Oleg Mariakhin. Quartet invites various musicians to complete compositions by diverse instruments like strings, wind or electronic ones. On this record, for instance, we also hear Lev Slepner’s marimba and ethereal voice of Radik Tyulyush.

Inna draws her inspiration from songs, poems, chants and snippets of folk art, a languege which had been used to talk with Nature. It’s not so often nowadays when we humans talk with our hearts. It’s great that this story exists and is told by foolhardy artists.

Unfortunately, Inna Zhelannaya is not that known author. So it’s time for a small attempt to solve such an injustice. Go check this double album: it worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Inna Zhelannaya – Izvorot | Инна Желанная – Изворот (2014)

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