Zemlya-Vozduh | Земля-Воздух – Demo (2019)

a1791861640_16🇷🇺 All elements just in front of us: let’s listen to them one by one and launch the journey with Aether!

Zemlya-Vozduh is a trio based in St Petersburg, Russia. I bet you’ll find a litle bit more than nothing about them if you’ll dare to try. At least you should know they’ve recently captured my mind and let it trebbling.

Under a bright album’s cover you’ll find a transcedent landscape traeted by modest psychedlia. Five pieces resembling each other and reflecting out of the band’s groove… it’s a great story to get deep inside and find out some amorphous goosebumps!

Get this album via bandcamp

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1 thought on “Zemlya-Vozduh | Земля-Воздух – Demo (2019)

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