Castletroy – Великолепие В Листве (2018)


🇷🇺 Resonating under the skin and beating vividly, music of Castletroy band is melancholic… and positive at the same time.

Castletroy is a duo from St. Petersburg, Russia, performing sincere experimental rock (not rock, exactly…). It’s like gazing at the photo album with missed moments pictured. Moments which have never happened to me but I can feel their subtility as ai it could occured in my past. Small hut in pine canopy, the artifact from the album’s cover.

“Beauty among leaves”: the glare of the sun in a minute of clarity. Such a good title for five compositions recorded together. Short sweet songs from the childhood and youth. Fast as heart beating, slow as a glance of a feeling…

Castletroy: vk page

Get this album via bandcamp | vk

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