Shuhari – こえて、こころ (2018)

a2186320017_16🇯🇵 Bright and flickering music with complex structure and open heart. It fits any season and any mood you have.

Shuhari comes from Tokyo, Japan. I’d say that each piece of Japanese experimental stage is unique and exotic spirit. “Don’t try to compare and gauge” is a rule for me, and it’s a naked truth when it somes to Shuhari.

They’ve succeeded in boosting post-rock style so that it becomes mathy, shimmering and empathic altogether.

There’s a sensation that notes and chords are too tight for the sound of this band. It rises and grows over time, letting listener to hold the breath and exhale when it comes to a tiny beeps of Kohei’s guitar… And again, new height – and tornado takes you away.

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5 thoughts on “Shuhari – こえて、こころ (2018)

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