Камни | Kamni – Отражение | Reflection (2018)


🇷🇺 Modern dense enhanced psych out of Moscow, Russia: it’s a great step forward made by Pavel and his team Kamni (“Stones”).


Not a secret, band name refers to stoner rock which have been wandering inside their hearts and heads years before. That has evolved into something else: one can tell us that guys have crossed the border and became much more pop.

Nevertheless, “Reflection” keeps its fuzzy wave. Just pick the beginning track – “Inside”. Do you have any chance not to start headbanging? Nay.

It’s a good idea to let high-paced tracks cohabit with dreamy slow-mode plays. It’s like you try to forget about the past but the past cannot forget you.

facebook page: Kamni

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4 thoughts on “Камни | Kamni – Отражение | Reflection (2018)

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