Shono (Шоно) – Hunters (2016)


🇷🇺 A rare diamond from Buryatia with a native stories about great Baikal lake, mighty ancestors and freedom.

Shono is a project started by Alexander Archincheev and his team several years ago. These guys interpret old folk songs and legends of the Buryats with the modern arrangements. It’ where morin khuur meets bass guitar and drums, and of course throat singing is on the place. The variety of Shono’s instruments is wide enough to represent the rich traditions of Siberia and to make them living and evolving in our days.

Under the cover you’ll find sagas of nomadic people which are successfully put to folk, rock and blues patterns. It’s all about mountains, steppes, horses and features of wild life keeping one’s heart beating. Good debut for a band and nice ethno fusion release from the audience.

Get this album via bandcamp | |

facebook page: Shono band

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4 thoughts on “Shono (Шоно) – Hunters (2016)

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