Khoomei Beat – Wandering the steppe​.​.​. (2017)


🇷🇺 Khoomei Beat declare themself as representatives of new wave of Tuvan ethnic music and no doubt they’re right.

The band’s name and their music itself combines two elements: traditional Tuvan folk music and modern sounding. Musiс and vocals are deep and light, you’ll experience khoomei and kargyraa styles accompanied by various folk instruments. The beautiful thing of collective is fragile but talanted and hardworking Bailak Mongush on drums.

By the way,  such a perfect album title! The image of steppe appears immediately when you close your eyes and an ellipsis at the end stands for Khoomei Beat’s great future.

facebook page: Khoomei Beat

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7 thoughts on “Khoomei Beat – Wandering the steppe​.​.​. (2017)

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