ГШ (Glintshake) – Оэщ Мазгиу (2016)


Completely weird and incomprehensible thing. Charade from other reality that somehow came true and appeared to be our own.

Extraordinary Russian band Glintshake invents their music at first-hand. I guess it all goes just of imagination.

They are fond of improvisation and mixing up different approaches to play rock music: you can distinguish punk rock, noise rock some rhythms and squeezed  tunes altogether. However, I’ve noticed an argument between journalist and band members in one interview. An interviewer claimed for avant-garde while Glintshake insisted that all  their stuff is pop music and nothing else… So let us call it avant-pop in this conditions. Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

By the way, don’t ask me what does “Оэщ Мазгиу” mean. You may know it yourself.

facebook page: ГШ (Glintshake)

Get this album via bandcamp | deezerapple.music | google.play | yandex.music

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5 thoughts on “ГШ (Glintshake) – Оэщ Мазгиу (2016)

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